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In Development - The Kinkajous Animation Pilot

Writer: Annette Smith
Composer: Toby Salmon
Language Advisor: James Lovell

The Kinkajous Animation Pilot

Can't Keep My Distance



Writers: Nixon Rosembert, Helene-Anderson Rosembert, Toby Salmon

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Toby Salmon

Vocal Production by Nixon Rosembert & Toby Salmon

Lead Vocals: Stuart Lisbie

Remixes: Opolopo, Mystroe

Mystroe Remix Bass by Jeremiah Olaleye

Video Director: Devron Callender

The Kinkajous


Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Toby Salmon

Lead Vocals: Binghi Nyah-Congo, Billy Gayle, Rachel Jenkins, Stuart Lisbie, Gillian Michelle, Fil Straughan, Subajah

Backing Singers: Ellie-Mai, Derek Aidoo, Tyriek Clement, Tammy G, Max G, Olivia Hallett, Katie Jones, JB Magdeleine, Romy McCarthy, Miriam Nyarko, Jacob Pearson, Jocasta Roper, Toby Turpin, Emily Yarrow

Grandma's Garden written by Annette Smith

Guitar by Bibah Moore

Illustration by Mike Ferrin

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